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ER Elettronica is able to follow and carry out a project starting from the customer's idea, ending to mass production.

These are the main phases of the life of a project entrusted to ER elettronica:

  • Project development starting from the specifications requested by the customer.

  • Delivery of the first prototype or pre-series.

  • Conformity tests for electromagnetic compatibility standards and other standards or certifications requested by the customer.

  • Mass-production of the project.

  • Final test of the finished product.


ER elettronica by using state-of-the-art technologies is able to design both the hardware and software part of boards and electronic equipment of all kinds,

belonging to various sectors such as the medical, household appliances, industrial automation, electric mobility, etc. 

Behind every project there is a continuous research activity, in order to obtain a product fully compliant with customer requirements and needs.

Progettazione CAD
Progettazione Software

ER elettronica assembles and tests products developed internally or by third parties using several latest-generation machines:

  • Assembly of boards with surface mount components (SMD) through the use of two pick & place and solder in a reflow oven.

  • Assembly of components in traditional electronics (through-hole) and welding on two lines of lead-free wave welders.

  • Welding, wiring or final assembly handmade by our operators.

Foto Sala EMC.jpg

ER elettronica makes programming and testing procedures by automated or customized test specimens,

with the possibility of additional tests in a climatic chamber.

It also has an internal laboratory for electromagnetic compatibility tests (EMC) useful for analyzing emissions and to comply with the limits imposed by the regulations.

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